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Strolling Through Ulysses! at The Stag's Head Pub Theatre

Strolling Through Ulysses! at The Stag's Head Pub Theatre

Strolling Through Ulysses! at The Stag's Head Pub Theatre
Sun 5th Mar 2017, 17:30 - Sun 26th Nov 2017, 19:00
The Stags Head
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Every Sunday in The Stag's Head Pub Theatre, Dame Court from 05 March 2017 to 26 November 2017, at 1.30pm and 5.30pm.

Admission: €15

Tickets from Dublin Visitor Centres, Tourist Offices nationwide, online at

and at the door.

Strolling Through Ulysses! tells the fun-filled story of Bloomsday - June 16th 1904 - the iconic day around which James Joyce’s Ulysses is based.

Written and performed by Robert Gogan Strolling Through Ulysses! guides you through the curious events and quirky characters of Ulysses, in a humorous, entertaining and informative manner, with extracts from the novel which best illustrate the various aspects of Joyce’s writing - the comical, the descriptive and the complex – without compromising the integrity of the great book.

Joyce, speaking about Ulysses once famously declared, ‘there is not one serious line in it.’ Strolling Through Ulysses! certainly proves that!

Bawdy, irreverent and great fun!

So hold on to your hats and take a deep breath as Robert Gogan takes you on a 75 minute whistle-stop tour through the fun and laughter which is the backbone of James Joyce’s extraordinary and celebrated novel, Ulysses, which includes a toilet visitation, a bar room brawl, an act of seduction, naughty shenanigans on a beach, lewd thoughts, adultery, and a drunken orgy - All in a single day!

 Over 16’s only

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"Gogan is an engaging and well-rehearsed raconteur. His edited selection of excerpts cut right to the heart of Ulysses ..... succeeds in making Joyce accessible even to those who have only the sketchiest context for the work" - The Sunday Business Post

"Robert Gogan gave a hugely energetic and insightful presentation on the humour of Ulysses which sent the large audience out with a smile and with a new understanding of Joyce’s masterpiece. A perfect Saturday afternoon show" - Sean Kelly, Director, Out to Lunch Arts Festival Belfast 2016

"Robert gave an incredible performance, brilliant energy and acting, first class communicator, introduced and encouraged everyone to read Joyce. His presence on our programme enhanced the 39th Clifden Arts Festival. Not to be missed" -  Brendan Flynn, Director, Clifden Arts Festival 2016.

"Robert’s one man show is funny, witty and most entertaining. Everyone loved it and enthused over his fast moving delivery, making Ulysses special for all, condensing it into approximately 75 minutes of unabated fun, covering the 18 chapters in an exquisite way capturing the wonder of James Joyce. We would without reservation highly recommend it" - PJ Murphy, Swenys

"A delight. Our audience had a thoroughly wonderful time and his enthusiasm and knowledge for James Joyce's novel shone through. This one man show is both inspirational and entertaining - I'd recommend it to everyone!" - Bob Johnston, The Gutter Bookshop, Temple Bar

"A wonderful journey through Joyce's epic novel. Entertaining & informative, Robert outlined the structure of the book, re-enacted some key moments & outlined the main characters & their relationships with each other. The audience was appreciative & enthused & eager to enter once more into the minute detail of Bloomsday no longer intimidated by the novel's complexity but excited by the challenge of reading one of literature's greatest works. A most enjoyable & worthwhile experience. The veil has been lifted!" - Patty Ryan, The Midland Bookshop, Tullamore

"A fascinating introduction to Ulysses, revealing the humour of Joyce!" - Maeve O’Connell, Farrell & Nephew Bookshop, Newbridge.

"The feedback from the audience has been amazing and has created a bit of a buzz about the place" - Paschal Bugler, Buglers Ballyboden House Theatre & Pub, Rathfarnham.

"A witty, versatile show, ideal for those of us who aspire to understanding “Ulysses”. It is incredibly and cleverly adapted and scripted by Robert Gogan to showcase Joyce’s masterpiece. Robert Gogan succeeds in masterfully bringing alive the characters of Mr Bloom, Stephen Dedalus et al. Molly Bloom’s soliloquy is a fitting finale to a captivating 75 minutes of theatrical action" - Máire O’Halloran, The Clifden Bookshop, Galway


What the audiences said.....

"Super performance, most enjoyable" - James Joyce Tower, Sandycove.

"Made the book very understandable" - Midland Bookshop, Tullamore.

"Simply Brilliant" - Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, Galway.

"Ulysses brought to life. I felt I was strolling alongside Bloom" - Stone House Bookshop, Kilkenny.

"Enlightening, funny and entertaining" - Bugler’s, Rathfarnham.

"Loved to see the characters come to life" - Bookworm Bookshop, Thurles.

"I’m now looking forward to re-opening the book after many, many years" - Valley House.

"Very entertaining, especially for a Joyce novice" - Bridge Street Books, Wicklow.

"A wonderfully absorbing synopsis" - Swenys.

"Wonderful evening and vivid portrayal of so many characters" - Barker & Jones, Naas.

"A great evening and surprise for me as the book was brought to life quite brilliantly" - Village Bookshop, Greystones.

"A tour de force!" - The Reading Room, Carrick-on-Shannon.

"Most entertaining and now I will have another go at the book" - The Clifden Bookshop.

The Stags Head

The Stags Head
1 Dame Ct


You will find The Stags at the end of a small lane off the end of Dame Street before Georges Street and its worth hunting down. It’s another one of those decorative Victorian styled bars that haven’t changed in the intervening years nor have they needed to change. But its turn of the century look and feel didn’t stop it being a very “modern bar” at one point as it was the first bar in Ireland to get electricity!