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Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral

Christchurch Place, Dublin 2, Dublin
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The original site of Christ Church has stood since about 1030 and it has been an intraoral part of the city and city life since. St. Laurence O’ Toole, Dublin’s Patron Saint, was one of its first Archbishops. It has seen many an interesting piece of Dublin history. ‘Strongbow’ was married here and it was also his was his final resting place. It has seen the Kings of the Four Provinces of Ireland pay homage to Richard II. Lambert Simnel, a pretender to the throne, was crowned ‘King of England’ in the Cathedral (later pardoned for this treasonous act and was given the job of ‘spit boy’ in the Kings kitchens). During the reign of Henry VIII the Cathedral was subject to the vagaries of the reformation. In 1690, William of Orange, prayed here after the Battle of the Boyne. Only a year before, the King he defeated, King James II, had attended Mass here. From that period until the late 19th c the building was in terrible condition the roof collapsing at one stage. The vaults were a market and even at one point a bar. However it did not stop many of the patrons being pious. In 1742 the Cathedral Choir joined their near choristers in St Patricks to perform the Massiah in Fishamble Street. Recent restoration of the building and roof took place in 1982.

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