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Smock Alley Theatre

Smock Alley Theatre

Smock Alley Theatre
8 Exchange Street Lower, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Dub
+353 (0)1-6770014


Smock Alley was the first Theatre Royal built in Dublin. John Ogilby opened it in 1662 as part of the Restoration of the British monarchy and King Charles II in 1660, along with the London’s Drury Lane (1662) and the Lincoln’s Inn Fields (1661). It was the first custom-built theatre in the city and still remains in substantially the same form, making it one of the most important sites in European theatre history. Smock Alley Temple Bar Theatre was the first theatre outside London to receive the title of Theatre Royal, but because it had been built on land reclaimed from the Liffey, the building was unstable and the gallery collapsed twice; it was rebuilt in 1735.

Date Title City
Mon 15th May, 20:00 - Sat 20th May, 22:00 Dublin
Mon 29th May, 19:30 - Sat 10th Jun, 21:30 Dublin
Tue 18th Jul, 15:00 - 16:30 Dublin
Tue 18th Jul, 15:00 - 16:30 Dublin
Mon 31st Jul, 19:30 - Sat 2nd Sep, 21:30 Dublin
Mon 4th Dec, 19:00 - Sat 23rd Dec, 21:00 Dublin