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The annual SUBTITLE European Film Festival comes to Pavilion Theatre, Dún Laoghaire! FEBRUARY 1ST – 4th 2018 SUBTITLE: Where Cinema Speaks One Language: 4 Days – 15 Films – 8 Irish Premieres The hugely popular European film festival, SUBTITLE 2018 is coming to Pavilion Theatre in Dún Laoghaire in a brand new partnership bringing together a selection of European subtitled films that invite you to see cinema in a whole new way. For the festival’s inaugural year at Pavilion, there’ll be a cracking set of movies; some old, some new and some comedy classics. With a total of 15 films, there’ll be something to offer all tastes. The15 European films will be screened from Thursday 1st February to Sunday 4th. The festival hosts some of the most popular European films that rarely show up at the multiplex and it’s a great honour for Pavilion Theatre to screen the SUBTITLE Film Festival this year. If you’re looking for provocative, funny, accessible and smart European films, then SUBTITLE is for you! The festival was founded in Kilkenny in 2012 and it brings together a selection of European films that invites you to see cinema in a whole new way. Many of the films in the […]

The annual Dublin International Film Festival is a delight for film lovers all over Ireland. The festival presents an unparalleled opportunity to sample new and exciting film from internationally renowned directors. Whether it’s the premier of a new Irish film or the chance to see a highlight from another major film festival ahead of its general release, the programme is always bursting with promise. Now in its 16th year, the Dublin International Film Festival has hosted over 550 major guests, including winners of the festival’s prestigious Volta Award such as Al Pacino, Julie Andrews, Danny DeVito, Angela Lansbury, Stanley Tucci, Richard Gere, Kim Cattrall, Daniel Day-Lewis, Russell Crowe, and Krisitin Scott Thomas. With insightful Q&A sessions featuring notable figures in the film industry, specially curated threads, not to mention the young people’s programme Fantastic Flix which engages schools and families as it builds on a new generation of film fans, this festival is one of the most keenly anticipated occasions in Dublin’s cultural year.

Various Locations, Wednesday 7th March – Sunday 11th March 2018 Founded in 2012, the Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF) is fast becoming an international acclaimed film festival which is held annually during the month of March in Dublin, Ireland. The festival also holds year-round screenings, talks & events. SRIFF celebrates world cinema where we discover new films and voices from around the world. As well as screening international films there is a “Silk Road Panorama” of films from countries part of the historical network of the Silk Road ancient trade routes. The Panorama includes Asian, Arab, Middle Eastern, African, Mediterranean and European cinema. SRIFF identifies emerging international talent and connects them with audiences and industry.