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The Ocean After Nature is the theme for this exhibition; it will be explored through photography, video, sculpture, music and design, a real variety of work for you to absorb as you wander the exhibition. Curated by Alaina Claire Feldman, this exhibition will ruminate on ecological, political, economic and cultural subjects informed by the watery theme. Rising sea levels, dying reefs and dwindling fish stocks… The Ocean After Nature will inform and intrigue.

Over the past three decades Eithne Jordan has worked from her roots in neo-expressionism and developed her practice into a considered and meditative representation of space and light. Whether it is the darkness of a February afternoon, the reflected light of a fresh snowfall, or the distinctive hue of Halogen Street lights, her paintings are charged with content that is either to come, or else is taking place just out of view. Her work in recent years focuses on the contemporary city, looking at places such as Paris, Rotterdam, Madrid, Vienna, and most recently Dublin. In her new series of paintings depicting interiors, Jordan invites us to look closely at the multi layered histories woven through the spaces of institutions and public buildings in our cities. Many of these are museums, or historic buildings that often contain art as a backdrop to civic, educational or cultural activities In Jordan’s exhibition at The Hugh Lane, Tableau, her works inhabiting the rooms of Charlemont House, once domestic, now public, become a Gesamtkunstwerk – a total work of art. These paintings, like a strange mirror, are observing us, and reflecting a repetition of lives lived. Jordan is working in the realm of the extraordinary, […]

Buckle up for In Case Of Emergency at the Science Gallery where catastrophe is the theme of the day. With this exhibition, the Science Gallery is wondering why apocalyptic happenings are so innately entertaining. They form the plots for films, have been the subjects of books, and even manifest themselves as epic paintings. What is it about Doomsday disasters that has us rapt, gossiping about whether millenarian predictions are coming true? Explore the science behind the sci-fi with dreamers and designers at the Science Gallery’s latest exhibition, full of opportunities to interact with artwork and explore your own relationship with deathly doom. TUE–FRI 12:00-20:00 SAT-SUN 12:00–18:00 CLOSED MONDAYS

Oskar is a lonely, bullied teenager who lives with his mother on the edge of town. Eli just moved in next door. She doesn’t go to school and stays indoors all day. These two young misfits soon forge a deep connection but, when a series of mysterious killings plagues the neighbourhood, their friendship is tested beyond all imaginable limits. Following runs in London and New York, Let the Right One In comes to the Abbey with a new Irish cast as the centrepiece of our winter season. Tony and Olivier award-winning director John Tiffany directs a script adapted for the stage by Jack Thorne, based on the original vampire novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist and film by Tomas Alfredson. Recommended for adults and fearless teenagers aged 13+ This production contains violence, strong language, loud noises and flashing lights.

Often regarded as the blueprint for modern photo journalism, Francisco Goya’s Disasters of War prints capture the shocking reality of warfare. Containing some of the most brutally graphic images of war ever produced, Goya used sparse lines combined with strong light and dark shadow to convey the extreme violence following Napolean Bonaparte’s invasion of Spain in 1808. A master draftsman and printmaker, Goya worked on these evocative etchings but the prints didn’t see the light of day until after his death. Today the Chester Beatty Library holds the entire collection of 80 prints, and half of the collection is available for you to view in this exhibition. With poignant scenes of human suffering alongside detailed etchings of extreme violence, prepare to be moved – if not shocked – by Francisco Goya’s prints.

Rodney Graham is a writer, painter, photographer, sculptor, musician and more… it seems that there is nothing he cannot do. The Vancouver-based artist first emerged in the late 70s. He played in a band and created site-specific work, like Camera Obscura, which was an optical device the size of a garden shed that he put on his family’s farm in British Columbia. Before long, Graham had produced a series of works based on Sigmund Freud, represented Canada at the Venice Biennale, and exhibited at renowned galleries like Whitechapel Gallery, London, and at the Whitney Biennal. Over the years, this artist has become particularly associated with filmmaking, and IMMA will be displaying a sampling for you to get acquainted with alongside photographic light boxes. It’s impossible to describe Rodney Graham’s style as it is constantly mutating and his referencing is diverse – his work picking up on everyone from Lewis Carroll to Kurt Cobain. Leave your expectations at the door as you encounter Rodney Graham’s peculiar world at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

TheatreworX Productions return to The Helix this Christmas for yet another Christmas Panto success with their hilarious adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Starring Orla Jennings as Beauty and Chris Corron as The Beast and causing as much trouble as possible; Paul Byrom will be rocking in the role of Gaston. Each year we go bigger and better than the year before – which may be one of the reasons we’re consistently referred to as “The Best Panto in Dublin”. Due to last year’s success we will have a sensory friendly production of the pantomime. Our adapted performance will take place Tuesday December 19th at 7pm which include no sudden noises or bangs, softer and brighter lighting, and music at a suitable level. There will be no flashing merchandise available in the venue during these times.

The legendary Gaiety Theatre pantomime is back to sprinkle magic across the festive season with this marvellous performance of Rapunzel. A Christmas tradition for many families, the Gaiety Panto is always a magical experience packed with plenty of laughs, wild shenanigans and colourful costumes. Children of all ages will be spellbound by Rapunzel’s hair-raising adventures as she tries to escape from captivity in the tower and from her evil stepmother’s clutches. Treat your family to a stellar show that pulls out all the stops and make it a Christmas to remember by attending Rapunzel at the Gaiety Theatre.

One of Dublin’s best-loved Christmas traditions, the Moving Crib, is back in time for the festive season to enchant children and adults alike. Tucked away in the basement of St. Martin Apostolate, the Moving Crib has entertained generations of locals and international visitors alike for the past 61 years. If you’ve never visited the Moving Crib, you can look forward to colourful scenes, including Noah’s Ark and the Nativity scene. There are also nods to Dublin’s history and heritage, such as a stuffed dog who, legend has it, rescued three people from drowning in the River Liffey. If you want to visit one of Dublin’s most unique Christmas attractions, the Moving Crib is guaranteed to sprinkle a little festive magic into your day.

An orphan girl, adopted by a wealthy Dublin family, is given a pair of beautiful red shoes. At first it appears her dreams have come true… but appearances can be very deceptive. In a new version by Nancy Harris, The Red Shoes is a contemporary retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s extraordinary fairy- tale of dance, desire and destruction. Part theatre, part dance, this family Christmas show will dazzle your senses and break your heart.

Wild Lights is a must-see experience for family, friends and couples this festive season, where they will embark on an enchanted trail and discover a dazzling array of beautifully crafted, giant colourful lanterns inspired by wildlife. Visitors will be treated to an awe-inspiring display of lanterns which includes a pride of lions, orangutans, tigers, giraffes, monkeys and much more! Other highlights include a 16-metre high porcelain elephant tower and a 30-metre long Chinese dragon. At the event, visitors will also be wowed by Chinese performers before browsing at the Chinese craft market, all in one unforgettable setting. There will also be a selection of Chinese foods and warm drinks available for visitors to purchase.

Dundrum on Ice, Dublin’s most spectacular ice rink brought to you by Tesco Mobile, has returned to its prime location in the Pembroke District for its biggest year ever! Soak up the Christmas atmosphere whether you’re on the rink or watching on from the festive viewing deck. The crisp white, real ice rink is homed in an all new breath taking structure providing a truly magical ice skating experience. There’s something for everyone, from families and school children to teens and social groups or why not plan that romantic date night on ice!