Once you have registered you will have to verify your email address. Once that’s complete you can login to the site and begin to add events.

Login ‘1’.

When you login in, you should be automatically be directed to the back-end of the site where you can update listings. If you are not automatically brought there, click on ‘Profile’ on the main menu (beside Registration) and that will bring you there. Anytime you are on the main site and you are logged in, ‘Profile’ will bring you to the backend.

Adding Events – for Free!

Click on ‘2’ to add a new event. (Below that is where, when you have added events, you will be able to access them and modify their content if necessary)

Add an Event Screen

4. Add your event title.

5. Add the content of your event. Whatever you think is necessary

Note for 4+5: CAPS are not tolerated unless your event title is actually always in caps – ie elsewhere. If we feel you have gone overboard on this, unnecessarily, then we will simply not publish and delete your event –  so, just play nice!

6. Add the event category, the first category selected will be the ‘primary category’

7. Select Event Image (from your own desktop – there is a 100kb limit.).

8.Leave that as it is as an image – select your image below:

9. Enter the location – this is vital otherwise you will not be found in the listings as it will have no specific location. The site is a date, category and location based – all essential for your listings.

10. Header Image – Select the same image as in 7 for the Header Image [that image should now be in your media library- just click on ‘select image and the image library screen will open up – select the image).

11. Dates select your date(s) (+ ADD NEW ITEM). Note: For one event – just the Date from. For an event over successive days: Date From to Date To. For dates not running concurrently you can enter the first date then click + ADD NEW ITEM below and that will open up a new date panel, enter the next date etc.

12. Opens up a price panel. It’s not essential. The panel also has a url link as to where you buy tickets. Fill in the URL – make sure your link starts with ‘http(s)://’. Leave the Description blank or paste the URL in that box as well. Anything outside that will throw the url.

13. The ‘Item’ is the location of the event which we have to apply. It’s important that in your event description in ‘5’ that you specify the event so we can pick up on that.