How To Add and Event

As a registered user you have your own Admin panel where you can add venues and events. To add an event go to Events Pro>Add New You will be brought to an area where you can fill in the relevant details of the event. In order for your listing to appear you have must add it to an Event Category and a Location. The location can be broad ie simply Dublin or more specific, Dublin and Dublin 7. You should set an event image where requested and use the same image for the Header Image (below the Event image). Dates: click on "Add new item" click on the Date From and select from the Calendar. You can leave it at that if it a one off. If its a run of dates fill in the Date To and your event will appear on each date from 'To' to From' If your dates are not in sequence, you can add one date then click on "Add new item" again to open another panel where you can add another date (or indeed two separate date sequences of To and From) . Next put in a price and a URL to a ticket location of you want. Currency to Euro, but others can be selected. This is important: Next is the 'Item' is the venue where you put in the venue. On some occasions you will not be the venue owner and wont have access to select the venue (e.g. if you were playing a gig in Whelan's and the manager in Whelan's has already claimed the venue, you wont have access to it). In cases like that, simply add the venue to the bottom of your body text and the site admin will sort it out. You can save the event without the venue specified. We will do the rest.


How to Claim a Venue

Venue Claim If you are a registered user of the site, you can claim a venue listing. At the bottom of the venue listing you will see a claim listing option. If you want you want to claim a venue as a manager or owner, just click the claim listing and a message will be sent to the site administrators.

If your claim is accepted, you will receive a message and your venue will appear in your login panel (under My Items).

Thereafter you will be able to add events to that venue.