A New World of Peace - Free Concert

A New World of Peace – Free Concert

A very special event – ‘A New World of Peace’ Concert – the unique experience of meditation in music. This concert, as part of the international tour (New York – London – Bristol) is coming to Dublin on 4th of November and taking place in RDS Concert Hall at 7.30pm. This free musical experience is a heartfelt offering to the public, spreading inspiration for a brighter future and a harmonious vision for all life on this planet.
The concert will bring a powerful, dynamic and haunting presentation of the music and poetry of Indian visionary Sri Chinmoy, performed by the Oneness-World Ensemble, an orchestra of 50 musicians from all over the world. The performance is arranged and conducted by London based artistic director Sahadeva Torpy. Tickets are Free and can be booked at www.sahadevamusic.com
We are cordially inviting you to this event of a lifetime, and we hope you will leave inspired, energised and emboldened.
In a world often filled with chaos and uncertainty, there is a yearning in every heart for something more – a vision of hope, peace and unity that transcends the boundaries of language, culture and creed.
‘A New World of Peace’ is not just a concert; it is a sacred journey, an ethereal tapestry woven together by the music and writings of spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy.


Nov 04 2023


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



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