Balding Made Me Do It

Claire lost her hair in front of the nation & miraculously grew it back again.
The show is a story of struggle, perseverance and the art of learning how to be yourself.
Basically a live Instagram Live with Claire Balding!
An evening of fun, lols and uplifting & meaningful chats!
Learn how to tell your story.
Check out Claire on Instagram, facebook or on Snapchat: Claire.Balding.
“She is an agent for change and progress, a powerful (and hilarious) antidote to the Irish media’s obsession with waxy women” “Most of the time I am barely conscious that our relationship is not two-way” Rhona McAuliffe, Sunday Independent
“The future is bright for Ms. Fullam and I’ve no doubt that she will do great things in the future” Esther O’Moore Donohoe, 80% PodCast

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