Bloodlust on in The Ambassador

It is believed that this crypt was built to contain the most evil creatures of them all, the Vampirates! Bloodthirsty, evil scourge of the sea made immortal by the bite of vampires they had chanced upon adrift at sea. These barely human monsters and their comrades lie in wait below the theatre to test your courage. Run through mazes, crawl through tunnels, try to escape the horror. Fast, frenzied and starved of blood, the Vampirates will get you. There is but one question you must ask yourself: Are you brave enough? Or foolish enough?

Presented by the creative team behind Dublin’s original horror attraction ‘Damnation’ in the RDS and Galway’s widely renowned ‘CarnEvil!’, Bloodlust is by far their most terrifying and largest work to date! Using high end special effects, hydraulics, pneumatics, audio-visuals along with real living monsters and the occasional human, the Bloodlust team will have you screaming all the way through.

Bloodlust is a walk-through experience aimed at adults who enjoy the fear factor! Chicken doors an escape for the faint of heart.