Conscious Concert-Future of Human Connection on in Griffith College Dublin

Conscious Concert is an immersive, open, creative space of love that celebrates connection, integration and exploration.

This year’s international line-up features:

Nagual Uchu, a South American shaman from Mexico (his tradition of Nagual Shamanism has been made famous by the best-selling book of Carlos Castaneda in the 1970’s & 80’s.

Sacred World Music from Sudha. Sudha has headlined events all over the world. Her music is very popular and receives millions of views on YouTube.

Sacha Stone founder of the New Earth Project which focuses on planetary sovereignty, consciousness and sustainability.

Jasmuheen a self-help author from Australia has written 22 books on how to live a more harmonious life by using the power of our breathing as advocated in Yoga.

Bee Global Music is a new Irish music artist who makes electro dance songs that have messages about sustainability, climate change and awareness.

The concerts organizers promise “blissful vibes” and “a joyful escape from the daily-grind” to all those attending. Conscious Concert is set to be an inspiring day of wisdom talks and healing music that creates a safe space for attendees to connect with like-minded people who share a vision for a better world and society.

Conscious Concert is currently in its sixth year. At the heart of all their gatherings is the intention of hosting a growing trend of people who strive to live a healthy and balanced life in harmony with the planet, themselves and one another.

Conscious Concert is at the forefront of what is happening globally regarding how we can change for betterment of the planet, in both setting trends and bringing speakers to Ireland which more conservative events wouldn’t consider. The organizers are proudly “not traditional”, in that they believe in positive change and transformation for all who want it.

The team at Conscious Concert welcomes anyone, along with their curiosity and dreams. This gathering is a call to people who resonate with taking a step in a positive direction and hear the calling to show up whatever their current situation.

The event is facilitated with a non-judgemental; heart-centred approach that creates a space of awareness where international speakers and their wisdom are welcomed and shared. In this way, attendees will be inspired to do the same!

“I hadn’t been to an event like this before. I felt an open minded, real sense of connection at Conscious Concert. It is an immersive, intimate event to be experienced…” – Keane Harley (Journalist, Corporate Wellness Ireland / RTE Presenter)

Michelle Shannon, a spokesperson for the event had this to say:

“If you are reading this and you feel or hear the call to come and celebrate together you are welcome. You are encouraged to bring your own offerings in whatever form that takes. For example, if you have a flyer, poster, business card, music instrument, song, poem or outfit that you are inspired and excited about we would be honoured that you bring this with you on the day. We love to embrace each one and their gifts as it is a wonderful gift to truly see, hear, feel and share space with you and your offering.”

“I loved the Conscious Concert, it was such a beautiful, warm, uplifting, gracious vibe, very inspiring, very heart-opening and very lovingly put together. I also really loved the chocolate!” – Victoria Mary Clarke (Journalist, Writer)

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If this speaks to you, we would love to see you there for some music, dancing, games, rest, nourishment  and wisdom from around the world (all optional).

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Tickets: 35-150€ |

Sun 10th November 2019, 12pm- 8pm

Griffith College Conference Centre,

Dublin 8.