We are a group of Harry Potter fans (and friends) on a quest to unite and befriend as many like minded wizards as possible under one roof, The 1st Dublin Wizard Con.

We aim to bring a really professional and fun event to you and give an annual home to gathering the houses and celebrating the amazing world JK Rowling created with her sublime vision. This fantastical world is one we have all come to love.

We believe that this fandom’s greatest strengths lie is its creativity, friendliness and participatory nature. Almost all of our programming is designed to be focused around our guests, making you active contributors to the convention.

Thank you for your interest in this event, and we can’t wait to meet you all.

What’s On

  • Take a stroll amongst the wonderous and magical stalls of our mini market. From hand made to ‘magic made’ there’s something for every fan
  • Cloak yourself in fantastical clothes and you could win! Prizes, awards and compliments await those who impress the judges.
  • Calling all wizard houses! Win points for your house throughout the day. Who will win the House Cup?
  • There’s 7 of them, can you guess what they are? They must be earned. Can you find all of them using clues, riddles and completing challenges?
  • Puzzle your way out of our ingenious Escape Rooms? Work together with friends and magic to win your freedom.
  • We have Owls and some mystery creatures. Find out more about these magical beasts and get a photo with them.
  • Calling all Quizards! Do you have the knowledge and guile to win prizes in our very own wizard and magic themed quiz and gameshow
  • It’s the Bingo! But not like you have ever seen before. Magical games, a mystery box and tons of prizes are waiting to be won.
  • We have spot prizes to be given out during a whole range of interactive games and challenges, bring your A Game and you could walk away with one of our special ‘Quill Awards’
  • After the fun of the day, it’ll be time to bring some magic to the dance floor, with the biggest social event of the weekend.