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El Salvador documentary "The Tiger and the Deer"

El Salvador documentary “The Tiger and the Deer”

Next Tuesday September 17th at 6:00pm, The Instituto Cervantes in Dublin will host a free screening of El Salvador documentaryĀ The Tiger and the Deer. Maya Celtic – Comunidad SalvadoreƱa en Irlanda in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes Dublin present thisĀ documentary directed by Salvadoran Sergio SibrĆ­an, that has been selected by several Film Festivals such as VI Central American Film Festival (Viena), X Latin American Film Festival (Australia) and All Voices Against the Silence Festival (Mexico).
Screened for the first time in 2013, The Tiger and the Deer tells Marcelino Galiciaā€™s story, a descendant of the indigenous population in the village, in the municipality of AhuachapĆ”n, El Salvador, and location of the 1932 massacre, which he witnessed and survived. Marcelino, now 105 years old, is a NahuĆ”tl speaker and the last traditional flute or reed whistle player. The reed whistle is used to play the ancestral dance The Tiger and the Deer, a metaphor in which the tiger represents the army, responsible of the brutal episode in 1932. The flute player, affectionately known as Don Chelino, is determined to teach his art to the new generations, so he selects a group of young candidates to keep this tradition alive after his passing.

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