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End of the Semester Ball I Dublin

Everything with a beginning also comes to an end, the same goes for this semester. However, we will not grieve because it’s over, but we will celebrate because it happened.
Expect a club filled with all the people you managed to survive this semester with. Bring your housemates, classmates, girlfriends, boyfriends and get ready for one last night out with everybody.. ??
“The better you dress, the worse you can behave”
▬▬▬ Tickets ▬▬▬
The only difference between the rounds is the price, so make sure you get the cheapest one available. Tickets sell out in advance, so make sure you get an online ticket to guarantee entrance.
□□□□ Round 1: € 1.5
□□□□ Round 2: € 5.5
□□□□ Round 3: € 7.5
□□□□ Round 4: € 9.5
Tickets order here:
▬▬▬ Event Details ▬▬▬
?23:00 – 04:00
?Saturday the 20th of April
?Curved Street, Temple Bar · Dublin, Ireland
?Please take a valid ID (ID, Driver License or Passport), age 20 and above.