A successful artist who has made “art out of her pain” is about to unveil her newest and boldest work to date, but before she does, she brings together her estranged siblings for a sneak peak of the exhibit. What ensues is an utterly dysfunctional but healing get-together.

“Exhibition” puts unresolved family issues and alcoholism under a microscope and asks us “what is art?”.

This is a personal dark Irish play that attempts to understand the agony and devastation of growing up with an alcoholic mother, yet also looks to comprehend the pain of what it is to be an alcoholic mother. It also analyses the direct negative impact on the relationships of those that grow up within the same toxic household and aspires to show there is always hope to rebuild relationships no matter how fractured.

Age suitability: 18+
Warnings: Show contains strong language and themes of neglect, addiction and mental health issues.


May 17 - 18 2024


8:00 pm




Smock Alley Theatre
7 Exchange Street Lower, Temple Bar, Dublin, D08 PX27
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