Festival of Politics on in Dublin Various

Whether you agree with Frank Zappa’s view that “Politics is the entertainment branch of industry”, or lean toward Jay Leno’s less charitable interpretation that “Politics is showbusiness for ugly people”, it’s hard to deny that we live in a time of unprecedented politicisation and polarisation. Politics is the new black, or the new comedy, or perhaps both. The Festival of Politics was founded to reflect this new reality – to offer a platform for the open interrogation of ideas, however left (or right) of field, without fear or favour. Is this new appetite purely oppositional, a kicking against the pricks, or could it be progressive? Are we looking at a paradigm shift or witnessing a nascent movement? This is why The Festival of Politics was created and curated last year by the Temple Bar Company, a non-profit collective of business and cultural groups. Our intention is to entertain and elucidate as we challenge views on the red letter issues that dominate the political landscape and generate the headlines. Our speakers will adress #Metoo; Irexit; Brexit; Housing; the impact of Big Tech, Trumpism, Transhumanism and much more.

Our unique events ‘occupy’ spaces that within their very walls, have borne witness to historic tumult and machination. Tailors’Hall, described by some as a Political monument, has seen a lot in its 300 year history, most notably as the ‘back lane parliament’ and meeting place of revolutionaries such as Wolfe Tone, as well as a meeting place for Dublin Corporation, The Grand Lodge of the Freemasons and even the Legion of Mary, so it is entirely fitting that a festival as eclectic as ours is based there. Other notable venues include the City Assembly House, where as Lord Mayor, Daniel O’ Connell ‘the liberator’ gave one of his finest addresses. Even the IFI, home to our Political Screenings Series was once home to the Eagle Tavern, the meeting place of the United Irishmen.

Because democracy isn’t perfect but it’s the best idea we’ve got. Because politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians, come join us, observe, engage and fight for your right to…