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Fur City

Fur City

An improvised soap opera… with puppets!
Fur City is an improvised soap opera… with puppets! Completely made up on the spot based on suggestions from the audience, this hilarious soap parody features some of Ireland’s most talented comedy performers and improvisers, and a cast of puppet pals.
Directed by: Dave Coffey & Kelly Shatter
Luke Benson (Twitter/Instagram )
Tony Cantwell (Twitter/Instagram)
Dave Coffey (Twitter/Instagram)
Ali Fox (Twitter/Instagram)
Peter McGann (Twitter/Instagram)
Pearl O’Rourke (Instagram)
Kelly Shatter (Twitter/Instagram)
Age suitability 18+
When Kelly Shatter and Dave Coffey merge their comedy powers (like Captain Planet’s Planeteers) they form the hybrid super-creative known as ‘Shaffey’. After a year of sell-out shows with ‘Improv TV’, where they parodied reality shows like ‘First Dates’ and ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’, Shaffey are back to turn their particular brand of improv parody on the beloved soap opera – with a little help from some friends, both human and puppet.