Future Beauty Show

Future Beauty is the worlds first, interactive, clinical and aesthetic show and exhibition dedicated to bringing women into one venue to meet the countries best dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, aesthetic doctors, nurses and plastic surgeons to discover and learn about the latest treatments and technologies in the fields of medical beauty, cosmeceuticals, clinical treatments and aesthetic dentistry.
The weekend will revolve around our main stage line up which will see the above mentioned experts host hourly talks on everything from clinical skincare (retinol to rosacea), laser treatments (Fraxel v IPL), cosmeceuticals (salicylic v hyaluronic), fat loss treatments (freeze v heat, suck v cut), tweak-ments (Botox, fillers, profhilo, sukenos ), pelvic floor / gyne issues (incontinence to prolapse), smile alignment (gum grafting to implants),and even plastic surgery (breast reduction, to thread facelifts). And best of all is attendees can access the best aesthetic doctors, surgeons, dentists, and dermatologists in the country.