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Glasshouse present Thresholds by Saso & Kevin Corcoran

Glasshouse are proud to present Thresholds, the latest album from Saso and Kevin Corcoran.

Compositions in this innovative work are inspired by the cycle of life and the journey to death, making for a contemplative and meditative experience. Glasshouse are excited to bring this experience to you with a live concert of Thresholds in Smock Alley Theatre. Prepare to immerse yourself in a very special night.

Glasshouse are a music ensemble in Dublin, Ireland. They present performances of popular contemporary music in singular locations. They produce their own unique concerts, presenting musically exciting albums in their entirety.

SASO formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2000 by Jim Lawler (composer / multi instrumentalist) and Ben Rawlins (producer / recording engineer) who share a unique artistic relationship as a writer and producer partnership. Their music has soft tones, dark electronics and an unrushed pace which offer a slow-motion perspective on fast-forward culture

Kevin Corcoran is a classically trained pianist and composer, and works as a performer, producer and arranger; collaborating with bands and artists in Ireland and internationally.

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