Grigory Leps on in 3 Arena

Grigory Leps returns to 3Arena on the 17th of November 2018 as part of his anniversary tour!

Thousands of fans look forward to every Grigory Leps’s performance, but  this Anniversary concert is expected to become one of the biggest musical events of the year!

Grigory Leps is the artist with unbelievable charisma and energy. Wonderful voice and its range are making this artist and His music creations truly unique – inimitable expression of performance and songs, filled with deep thoughts. He is brutal and romantic, uncompromising and sentimental. When Grigory Leps appears on the stage – venues become one unified space, where all emotions are controlled by this amazing performer.

Grigory Leps is one of those artists, who can allow himself to experiment with creation, His songs have no borders of specific styles or themes. Anniversary concert will bring lots of surprises – you will be able to enjoy his new masterpieces as well as the beloved super hits without which the concert would not be complete.