Ice Skating Blanchardstown

Ice Skating Blanchardstown presents Ice Skating Blanchardstown, Ireland’s largest Ice rink. With fresh ice every hour, enjoy 1000sqm right next to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

Q. Where is Iceskating Dublin Located?
A.Ice Skating Blanchardstown is situated in Millenium Park, with access to the park behind the Drive-Thru McDonalds. Those travelling via car can follow signs for the White Car Park, free of charge. There are also over 600 bus services to Blanchardstown centre every day, visit for more info.

Q. What are your opening hours for Ice skating Blanchardstown?
A. Ice Skating Blanchardstown opens on Friday, November 18th, 2022, and runs until Sunday, January 29th, 2023.

Q. Does Iceskating Blanchardstown open everyday?
A. No, we do not open every day. Please ensure to check the online schedule before visiting the venue as there are some days our opening hours may vary. Booking in advance is required for this event.


Nov 18 2022 - Jan 29 2023


All Day



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Blanchardstown Centre
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