IFI Family Festival on in Irish Film Institute

JULY 26-28 2019: Spread your film wings this summer with our great programme choices. Stop off in Japan for a brand new anime, or touch down in Australia; root for Sune in Sweden, or feisty Ladhaki girl Chuskit in India. However different the setting, many of the films we’ve chosen share a common theme of characters trying to find their own way against family traditions. Biodiversity and conservation play a part too, in our rainforest-set minibeast opening film and Sunday’s closing film. With Irish premieres and big screen escapades, whatever the weather, you can see the world this July at the IFI.

Miniscule – Mandibles From Far Away
Friday 26th Jul 2019 18.30
Short Tales 1
Saturday 27th Jul 2019 11.00
Short Tales 2
Saturday 27th Jul 2019 13.00
Saturday 27th Jul 2019 15.30
Sune Vs. Sune
Saturday 27th Jul 2019 18.30
Peek Zoo Special
Sunday 28th Jul 2019 11.00
A Town Called Panic: The County Fair
Sunday 28th Jul 2019 11.15
Okko’s Inn
Sunday 28th Jul 2019 13.00
Storm Boy
Sunday 28th Jul 2019 16.00