Fresh from teaching Morgan Freeman and Woody Harrelson a whole new bag of tricks for the movie “Now You See Me 2“, Keith Barry returns with a brand new live show: “Hypnomagick”.

‘Keith Barry – Hypnomagick’ will be Keith’s craziest, most magical and hypnotic show to date. Prepare to have your mind blown with original, never seen before feats of mind-reading and magic, coupled with hilarious hypnotic demonstrations that will leave your sides aching with laughter.

The show will involve demonstrations of mass hypnosis and mass mind-reading, at times involving the whole audience – no one is safe!

During the second half Keith will invite over 100 people on stage where he will hypnotise them to do mental and outlandish feats they would never ordinarily do.  He will openly invite the skeptics on stage to participate and imagine the shock on their faces when he makes the whole audience disappear right in front of their very eyes.

The only question is – will you be brave enough to join Keith on stage or will you try to stay safe in the comfort of your seat?