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Listening Bodies, presented by Tonnta + Kirkos

Listening Bodies, presented by Tonnta + Kirkos

Tonnta and Kirkos join creative forces for the first time to assemble Listening Bodies, an epic, once-off takeover of Smock Alley Theatre featuring world-renowned composers in dialogue with unique local voices.
The culmination of a long-term collaboration between the two ensembles, this immersive experience builds from mentorship from internationally acclaimed artists, including German composer David Helbich and Irish performance artist Amanda Coogan.
You are invited to dive into this embodied four-hour exhibition of live and installation music given by 10 performers. Weave your way with sound throughout the entire labyrinth of Dublin’s oldest theatre.
Tonnta is a performance company and vocal ensemble dedicated to new music. Lead by vocalist and composer Robbie Blake, Tonnta champions the interdisciplinary creation and performance of music.
Kirkos is a Dublin-based contemporary music ensemble focused on experimental music and multi-sensory experiences.
Created by: Michelle O’Rourke, Rob Coleman, Robbie Blake and Sebastian Adams. Featuring music by Andrew Hamilton, Eva-Maria Houben, Peter Ablinger and Jennifer Walshe and many more to be announced. Performed by Eileen Coyle, Emma Power, Jane Hackett, Michelle O’Rourke, Miriam Kaczor, Rob Coleman, Robbie Blake, Sebastian Adams, Yseult Cooper Stockdale and Tristan Caldwell.
Tickets: https://smockalley.com/listening-bodies/

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