Man vs Machine
Man vs Machine

Man vs Machine

The season opens on Saturday 8th with Michael Crichton’s 1973 thriller Westworld. The film stars Richard Benjamin and James Brolin as two friends who visit a highly realistic adult amusement park, only to find themselves pursued by an implacable killer android (Yul Brynner) when the park suffers a number of technical malfunctions. On Sunday 9th, Bryan Forbes’s iconic The Stepford Wives will screen on 35mm. With a cast led by Katherine Ross and Paula Prentiss, the film focuses on two women as they try to unravel the mystery of the obedient and submissive behaviour of the town’s wives. The film was adapted by William Goldman from Ira Levin’s (Rosemary’s Baby) novel.
Another classic to screen on 35mm will be Donald Cammell’s 1977 chiller Demon Seed, starring Julie Christie as a woman imprisoned by a malevolent computer determined to conceive a child with her; the film will show on Sunday 16th. Isabella Willinger’s documentary Hi, A.I. on Thursday 20th follows two people, one in the US and the other in Japan, who rely on robots for companionship; this intriguing film raises important questions as to the role artificially intelligent robots will play in our future.
Also scheduled to screen are Shin’ya Tsukamoto’s 1992 horror sequel Tetsuo II: Body Hammer on Saturday 22nd, Jonathan Frakes’s fan favourite Star Trek: First Contact on Sunday 23rd, while Steven Spielberg’s epic Oscar-nominated fantasy A.I. Artificial Intelligence will close out the season on Sunday 30th.
Saturday 8th (15.30) – Westworld
Sunday 9th (15.30) – The Stepford Wives
Saturday 15th (20.20) – Terminator 2: Judgment Day (70mm)
Sunday 16th (18.20) – Demon Seed
Thursday 20th (18.30) – Hi, A.I.
Saturday 22nd (18.30) – Tetsuo II: Body Hammer
Sunday 23rd (15.30) – Star Trek: First Contact
Saturday 29th (20.20) – The Matrix
Sunday 30th (15.00) – A.I. Artificial Intelligence

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