You are welcome to an ethereal evening of live performances in the Pepper Canister Church on April 6th 2023 with musicians and sound artists Aisling Or Ni Aodha, Soria Reilly, Dylan Kerr and Dreamcycles. This event is the second iteration of the Metaxu series, which focuses on music making, sharing and performance in relation to the idea of Metaxu as explored in the writings of the mystic philosopher Simone Weil.

Across Weil’s writings, her ideas of attention, grace, beauty and decreation provide points of departure for approaching Metaxu . Following a tradition of theologically infused realism, the idea of Metaxu is one in which materiality exists as a mediator or bridge, between finite and infinite, between earthly and divine, between gravity and grace. For Weil, the crossing of this bridge is made possible by the practice of attention.

This world is the closed door. It is a barrier. And at the same time it is the way through.

This event explores musical experience – listening, making and performing, as a devotional practice of attention. Through the material of sound and the prism of music, our attention may be channelled to allow an inflow of a sense of the divine or infinite, of ‘grace’. This event intends to illuminate how as fellow contemporaries and performing artists with sonic and music making practices, we are always transforming and refining one another’s experiences of attention and metaxu.

There will be a publication as part of this event, featuring drawings by artist Cara Farnan and writing by artist Holly Pickering.

This event was curated and organised by Jennifer Moore.

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Apr 06 2023


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm




Pepper Canister Church
Pepper Canister Church
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