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Them Bones, them bones need… archaeologists!
03/11/2018 – 03/11/2018 11am-1.00pm
Take part in our special animal bone workshop with Animal Osteologist, Dr Ruth Carden. Drop into the Kildare Room to see some animal bones excavated from Viking Dublin. Take a look at animal bones and teeth through our microscope to see them up close and discover how archaeologists look at markings on bones to tell us how people in the past interacted with animals. Then, have a go at being an animal osteologist and see if you can figure out what happened to our animal bones.
No Booking Required. Located in the Kildare Room, Ground Floor. Wheelchair accessible. Drop-in Activity. Families with children 8+. Free Admission.

First Port of Call – National Museum finds from Dublin Port, from Sea to River
07/11/2018 – 07/11/2018 11am-4pm
This is the first and introductory lecture in a series of three that will tell the fascinating stories of archaeological discovery at Dublin Port, the River Liffey and the Irish Sea. Nessa O’Connor, an archaeologist and curator at the National Museum of Ireland will give this first lecture with a focus on the Museum’s involvement over many years with the archaeology of Irish ports. She will talk about the early development of coastal and riverside settlement in Dublin and some of the finds associated with early travellers and settlers through the present day port area, the Liffey river side, along the nearby coast and from more distant waters. This lecture has been organised in association with Dublin Port.
Booking required. Please email or call 01 6486 334.Located in the Kildare Room, Ground Floor. Wheelchair accessible. Lecture. Adults. Free Admission.

Ardagh 150th Anniversary Tour
09/11/2018 – 09/11/2018 11.30am-12.15pm
To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the finding of the Ardagh Chalice, join this special tour of Treasury Exhibition exploring Ireland’s most famous and iconic object. Learn about the people of early medieval Ireland, the influence of the coming of Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century and how the Ardagh Chalice, among other fine metal objects, were made and designed.
No booking required. Meet at Reception. Places allocated on a first come basis. Wheelchair accessible. Tour. Ages 7+. Free admission.

The Working River, a Harmonious Relationship between City and Port
14/11/2018 – 14/11/2018 1pm-1:45pm
Dublin City’s relationship with the River Liffey has been an integral one since the first settlement. Significant sources survive that chart the growth and development of maritime activities along the river, while recent and current development on the riverfront help to expose its detail. The presentation by Niall Brady, Maritime Archaeologist and Director of The Archaeological Diving Company Ltd, highlights the work being done within Dublin Port as part of the Alexandra Basin Redevelopment project, and shows some of the findings that have been made. The age-old dynamic that dictates new design to meet increased trade remains as present today as it has done since the Viking Age, and listeners will sense the richness of the record that speaks to the lively and important history of Dublin’s growth as city and port. Please note: This lecture will take place at Dublin Port.
Booking required. Please email or call 01 6486 334.Organised in association with Dublin Port. Lecture. Adults. Free Admission.

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