Retro Disco
Retro Disco

Retro Disco

Karen Power, (Retro Disco commission)
Jannik GigerMaestro
Eoin CalleryYou might need a word for that
Robert AshleyMixed Blessings, Indiana
Katharina RosenbergerIf they bite with all their might
David Sontòn CaflischLa metta da fein
In their first visit to Dublin, Swiss trio RETRO DISCO (horn, cello, synthesizer and electronics) showcase new music from Switzerland written specially for the group. The programme also includes the premier of a new commission by Karen Power.
RETRO DISCO is a convertible hybrid between electronic and acoustic sounds. From absurd performances to introverted sound installations. The cello and horn provide friction for microtonal sine waves, synthetic sounds of the ’80s, or deliver samples that are dismembered at the touch of a button.

“It’s Dynamite, it’s Retro Disco!” (Robert Ashley)

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