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Robo Riots Dublin 2019

Robo Riots Dublin 2019

Robo Riots brings famous robots from TVs Robot Wars to battle it out live in the National Basketball Arena, Dublin.
This is the first full length heavyweight combat robot tournament of its kind in Ireland! Featuring robots from the hit TV show Robot Wars where every live event session promises metal-munching, head-to-head, monster matchups that fans have always dreamt of. Each live session will feature one-of-a-kind fights containing multiple main events between legendary Robot Wars All-Stars; Undercard fights from incredible newcomers; and jaw-dropping exhibition matches. There will also be celebrity robots like R2-D2, a Dalek, a minecraft creeper and AL-1X – our very own z-list celebrity robot.  Bounty fights, robot rumbles and grudge rematches will all be on display during the 2019 event.
Run by Irish Robot Wars fans for all Robot Wars fans.
Book your tickets at  ticketmaster.ie
More information from RoboRiots.ie

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