Spooksplorers Halloween Trail

Spooksplorers Halloween Trail

Step inside the eerie vaults of EPIC and uncover how elements of the Halloween we know and love begun right here in Ireland!

Discover the origins of Halloween and how through emigration it evolved while you take part in a spooktacular museum trail.

Learn about the ancient Irish traditions of the Celts, such as turnip carving and spellcasting, and trace their evolution to the trick or treating and traditions of today. Discover why witches ride brooms; the secret occult societies that Ireland’s best known and most famous have joined throughout the years; create spooky poetry alongside W.B. Yeats; and meet the ghouls, fairies and spirits that are uniquely Irish; all by completing the challenges in our trail.

Included as part of your entry to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum. Be sure to wear your spookiest costume! And don’t forget to pick up your treat for completing the trail.



Oct 29 2022 - Nov 06 2022


All Day

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Custom House Quay, North Dock, Dublin 1, Ireland
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