The annual SUBTITLE European Film Festival

comes to Pavilion Theatre, Dún Laoghaire!

FEBRUARY 1ST – 4th 2018

SUBTITLE: Where Cinema Speaks One Language: 4 Days – 15 Films – 8 Irish Premieres

The hugely popular European film festival, SUBTITLE 2018 is coming to Pavilion Theatre in Dún Laoghaire in a brand new partnership bringing together a selection of European subtitled films that invite you to see cinema in a whole new way. For the festival’s inaugural year at Pavilion, there’ll be a cracking set of movies; some old, some new and some comedy classics. With a total of 15 films, there’ll be something to offer all tastes. The15 European films will be screened from Thursday 1st February to Sunday 4th.

The festival hosts some of the most popular European films that rarely show up at the multiplex and it’s a great honour for Pavilion Theatre to screen the SUBTITLE Film Festival this year. If you’re looking for provocative, funny, accessible and smart European films, then SUBTITLE is for you!

The festival was founded in Kilkenny in 2012 and it brings together a selection of European films that invites you to see cinema in a whole new way. Many of the films in the Pavilion programme have never been screened theatrically in Ireland and there’s 8 Irish premieres, most notably Andrei Zvyagintsev’s LOVELESS, which won European Film of the Year at the recent awards in Berlin.

Other highlights include the topical French drama, NUMBER ONE; the award-winning comedy, KING OF THE BELGIANS; Raúl Arévalo’s Spanish crime thriller, THE FURY OF A PATIENT MAN and Valery Todorovsky’s hugely successful drama, BOLSHOI.

SUBTITLE is also excited to screen two classic films: French comedy, THE INTOUCHABLES (2011) and the Italian thriller GOMORRAH (2008).

In total, there a terrific collection of thrillers, dramas and comedies from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Russia and Italy. We are very excited about the mix of movies available and we are confident that there’s something on offer for all tastes.

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