The Nightmare Realm on in RDS

Strictly adults and teens only. 

Halloween fans.

We will test you to your very core. We push people outside their comfort zone, challenge their expectations, and scare the hell out of them! If you pee in your pants, We don’t care!

This is our third year in Dublin scaring audiences. The terrifying journey is going to be bigger, darker and freakier than ever before, with three different scares, gruesome scenes and props, and characters from the grotesque and blood churning to the sick and extreme.

We can sometimes be controversial, but it’s always thrilling, pushing the boundaries of your sanity! While not everyone is brave enough to make it through the entire attraction, it tests your bravery to its limit. Your pulse will race and you will laugh and cry at the same time. The Nightmare Realm is not for the faint of heart and teenagers may need to be supervised by an adult. Over 250,000 victims fanshave visited The Nightmare Realm since 2009 – do you dare!?


Strictly adults and teens only. Be warned, this is not your standard (boo) haunted house. This is an audience participation event in which YOU will live your own Horror Movie. Do not wear expensive clothing. Younger teenagers may need to be supervised by an adult if they are faint hearted. Our creatures may come in contact with you. If anyone becomes rowdy (pushing, shoving, running), they will immediately be removed – no questions asked. There is no smoking or drinking (alcohol), allowed on the premises.

Peak* Off Peak*
Fast Pass €26 €24
Adult €21 €19
Student €18 €18