The Ridleys on in The Abbey Theatre

Expect to be surprised. Expect to be amazed. But most of all… expect the unexpected as Donny Stixx transforms into the greatest magician of all time. They want to know why he committed the shocking act. They want to know what is wrong with him. All Donny wants is… his own television show.

Crave a family. Crave a home. Andrea has done more than craved… she has taken extreme lengths to find them. They keep asking is she ashamed of what she did to the soldier. Of what she did to the baby. But Andrea is not ashamed and the mind too will take extreme lengths… to survive.

Theatre Upstairs, the home of new writing, partners for the first time with the Abbey Theatre as Karl Shiels directs riveting talents Katie Honan and Rex Ryan in two stories, presented in one night.

Tonight With Donny Stixx and Dark Vanilla Jungle will be performed each evening – one ticket for both plays.