Unfit For Purpose

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Unfit For Purpose

Unfit For Purpose

Written by Grace Corry

Ronny has never felt worse. In a desperate effort to treat his depression, he turns to the last person he feels he can – his GP. Dr. Marianne Mc Cormack.
A pillar of her community for many a year, Dr. Marianne is less than aware of how to approach such problems.
Bold and a bit deranged, she sets about a frenzied range of ‘alternative’ treatments and in this single visit, Ronny learns about the power of dance and how the unexpected actions of one dope can help to shed some light into the darkness.
An irreverent, thought provoking dark comedy which will make you laugh when you might feel you shouldn’t.
But we’re sniggering at depression, not with it.

Running time : 55 mins
Recommended for ages 14+ 

CAST: Teri Fitzgerald & Lorcan Strain

DEVELOPED at Smock Allies: Scene + Heard

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