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Women’s Voices: Then and Now

Smashing Times: A Creative Celebration of the Centenary Vote for Women uses creative processes of theatre, film and online digital resources to explore the centenary vote for women in 2018, and reflects on the experiences of women today in relation to gender equality, human rights and diversity. The lead artist is Mary Moynihan, theatre and film artist, and Artistic Director of Smashing Times.

Using creative processes and a feminist framework, the project brings artists, activist and local communities together to celebrate the centenary vote for women. The project begins with a process of research and identifies five positive stories of change experienced by pioneering women who fought for the vote in 1918, and five positive stories of change experienced by women today including women living in the Grangegorman area. The 10 stories are used to create a theatre workshop model and online exhibition and to inform the creation of a short film, all of which are then offered to the public to bring citizens, artists and activists together to explore the kind of Ireland we want for the future in relation to gender equality, exploring key questions such as ‘What does the vote mean to you?’ and ‘What can we do today to promote women’s rights and equality for all’?

22nd May 7:30pm