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Airfield House, Farm & Garden

A 2-day new summer festival for children and their parents. Playstival celebrates play, imagination, and fun with a range of hands-on, fun and imaginative games and themed play universes. Playstival is both interactive and active, kids don’t just sit and watch, they play. The focus is on a more innocent approach to games and play, designed to foster interaction, movement and imagination – no fancy technology or a screen to be found!

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Dundrum Town Centre , Dundrum, Dublin 14, Dublin

Overends Way, Dundrum, Dublin 16, Dublin

26 Willow Road Dundrum Dundrum Dublin 14

57 Main St , Dundrum, Co. Dun laoighaire-Rathdown, Dublin

Sandyford Road Dundrum Dublin 14

Sandyford Road Dundrum Dublin 14

Main Street Dundrum Dublin 14

Meadowbrook Park, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Dublin

Pembroke Square, Dundrum Town Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 14