Rather than show a list of postponed events, which is depressing, we’ve decided to see if we cant pull together a few ideas for our self-imposed isolation. We need to do this to combat the spread of coronavirus – but during the isolation we need stuff to do.

All the ‘events’ that will be listed here will, in accordance with guidelines, and thinking about the welfare of your fellow citizens, will be virtual – and free.

Also, you might need to occupy your kids during the lockdown! There’s a few links below that might be useful and we hope to add to this during the week(s)

By the time you reach here, some of them may have expired – so be nice, just mail and we’ll look after it. Also, some of the ‘offers’ are really a trial and one signup require you to give over your credit card details. Just remember when the paid plan kicks in!

Our full list of ‘normal events’ can be found here

As normal, if you are hosting something that might wile away an hour in somebody’s day, please sign up on the site and post your ‘event’ (it will be moderated).

So far there are many events that have been rescheduled and the ones we know of are on this page rescheduled events. If know of any other, just mail! conor@whatonin.ie

No event found!