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Future Beauty is the worlds first, interactive, clinical and aesthetic show and exhibition dedicated to bringing women into one venue to meet the countries best dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, aesthetic doctors, nurses and plastic surgeons to discover and learn about the latest treatments and technologies in the fields of medical beauty, cosmeceuticals, clinical treatments and aesthetic dentistry. The weekend will revolve around our main stage line up which will see the above mentioned experts host hourly talks on everything from clinical skincare (retinol to rosacea), laser treatments (Fraxel v IPL), cosmeceuticals (salicylic v hyaluronic), fat loss treatments (freeze v heat, suck v cut), tweak-ments (Botox, fillers, profhilo, sukenos ), pelvic floor / gyne issues (incontinence to prolapse), smile alignment (gum grafting to implants),and even plastic surgery (breast reduction, to thread facelifts). And best of all is attendees can access the best aesthetic doctors, surgeons, dentists, and dermatologists in the country.

You will have the opportunity to meet and hang out with thousands of other people interested in tattoos! The tattoo culture itself is amazing and full of open-minded people. Great opportunity to get out and actually meet people. Also a chance to network and exchange information on the latest techniques and trends. There are, booths with products and services, competitions and contests, giveaways, art exhibitions and workshops related to the tattoo industry issues. There’s food, drink and entertainment. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details. And, yes, you can get tattooed and pierced at the convention. If anything, it is one of the best places because you have an opportunity to get tattooed by artists of note who might otherwise be out of reach due to geographical distance or availability. Even if you are not sure if you want a tattoo, going to the convention will help you become more comfortable with the process as you can watch tattoos being done and talk to the artists. You might even leave with your very first ink… Tattoo Wars – Two artists have 2 hours head to head to complete their tattoos. Then the audience votes. Every year is […]

The Motorsport Show is a must-attend event for all motorsport fans, experts, collectors and car enthusiasts. The Motorsport Show is an international celebration of the very best in motorsport, performance cars, manufacturers, clubs and motorsport products in a perfect day out for all. One of the show’s highlights features will be an indoor live runway where cars are fired up and driven, displaying many types of motorsport machines and performance cars together under one roof. If you race, race cars run on funding, not on fuel! A Sponsorship and The World of Motor Racing Conference will also be part of the weekend activities.