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The Lisa Richards agency present a week of top stand-up comedy! Each night, two comedians will perform their new work-in-progress shows. Check them out, for this bargain price, before they head to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Sunday, 16 June: Fred Cooke + Gearóid Farrelly Monday, 17 June: Shane Clifford + Stephen Mullan Tuesday, 18 June: Joanne McNally + Eleanor Tiernan Wednesday, 19 June: Joanne McNally + Aidan Greene Thursday, 20 June: Kevin McGahern + Special Guest TBC Friday, 21 June: Neil Delamere + Chris Kent Saturday, 21 June: Neil Delamere + Julie Jay Running Time : 135 mins (one hour per performer with a 15 minute interval) Age guidelines 14 + Strong Language / Sexual Reference

The stars of the HBO docu-series ‘On Tour with Asperger’s Are Us’ perform a brand new live sketch comedy show for people who enjoy highly verbal absurdist humour. The first comedy troupe composed of people with Asperger’s Syndrome performs their trademark absurdist sketches, ripe with hilarious wordplay and unexpected breaking of social conventions. “Instead of focusing on the condition, the four men who make up the troupe perform skits and monologues that reflect their thoughts, perspectives and offbeat sensibilities, often characterized by deadpan and absurd humor… the guys are not looking for sympathy laughs or polite applause. Their show is not an autism awareness campaign, they say. They want people to laugh simply because they’re funny.” – NewYork Times Running time : 90 mins including an interval Age Guideline : 11+ Follow Asperger’s Are Us on Facebook and for more information on the comedy troupe visit their website.

Welcome to Shakers cocktail bar! It’s the place where everyone wants to be seen. From leery businessmen to supermarket cashiers to the local heart throb. Read More & Book Tickets We meet our four waitresses amongst the hustle and bustle of gossip and spilled cocktails as they navigate the claustrophobia and chaos of busy bar life. We’re given an insight into their lives, which is at times poignant and always dangerously funny. Shakers is a timeless exploration of friendship and courage and what it really means to work in the service industry. Running time : 110 mins including an interval Recommended for ages 14+ WRITTEN BY: John Godber and Jane Thornton DIRECTED BY: Claudia Kinahan LIGHTING DESIGN BY: Sophie Cassidy SET DESIGN BY: Jack Rogers SOUND DESIGN BY: Lara Gallagher CAST: Connie Doona Meg O’Brien Hannah Osborne Heather O’Sullivan

What happens when everything you have is lost? A divided world, sometime in the not so distant future. A ceremony is happening in the woods. A celebration of a beginning. A celebration of love. You are invited, even if you are from the city. There are some rules though – no gifts, no phones. Only you. A night of revelation, collision, suspicion, rekindling, confusion and connection. Below the surface of a seemingly perfect evening, the unknown is waiting to be revealed. Recommended for ages 15+ | mild sexual references and some bad language Running time : 120 mins including an interval WRITTEN BY: Fionnuala Gygax DIRECTED BY: Raymond Keane LIGHTING DESIGN BY: Mark Galione SET DESIGN BY: Sabine Dargent SOUND DESIGN BY: Roger Gregg CAST: Cecelia Auerswald Savana Bartual Smyth Robyn Brady Siofra Brogan Callan Cummins Andrew Cusack Cynthia Dallas Leslie Field Anna Gonzalez Cathal Greene Conrad Jones Brangan Aisling Kearns Sinead Keegan Kevin Keogh Julia Marks Fionn McDonnell Aoife Morrison Faye Shortt Amelia Spencer Kelly The Gaiety School of Acting has been training actors in Ireland for the past 33 years, with our success stories appearing in television and film and on stages both nationally and internationally. Below Below […]

The Last Corner Shop on Misery Hill is a dark comedy set in Dublin. It follows brothers Mick and Joey O’Reilly as they battle to keep their disastrous corner shop afloat in a world where the conglomerate edges ever closer. Things go from bad to worse for the brothers. What happens next is something that will change the course of the shop and their lives forever. WRITTEN BY : Mack Mirahmadi DIRECTED BY : Ciaran Gallagher & Mack Mirahmadi CAST : Barry Kinsella, Colm Lennon, Denise O’Connor, Eimear Keating, Owen O’Gorman Contains scenes of Violence, strong language & sexual references Running time : 90 mins with no interval About the company… Formed in 2015, Polliwog Theatre Collective is a team of multidisciplinary artists and producers. Their first production ‘I Am Bear’ was performed at the Collaborations festival in Smock Alley. They then went on to perform at the Scene + Heard Festival with ‘Turning Point’ by Conor O’Rourke, ‘Splash’ by Joe Murphy and ‘Chromatics’ and ‘Tir na nÓg’ by Shauna Carrick. Polliwog Theatre have had great success with Shauna Carrick’s mighty musical ‘Chromatics’. The show was showcased in London’s The Other Palace as part of ‘Musical Bites’. Director Andrew Keates […]

Kate’s sister Anne, a ravishing beauty, wakes up one morning to discover a sheep’s head on her shoulders instead of her own. Thus begins the journey of the ever-practical Kate in her quest to return Anne to her former glory, a journey sidetracked by Kate’s obsession with saving a slim raver-boy from a nasty little addiction. Based loosely and lyrically on the Scottish fairy tale “Kate Crackernuts”. Running time : 105 mins including an interval Recommended for ages 16+  WRITTEN BY: Sheila Callaghan DIRECTED BY: Kate Cosgrave

Three Wise Women Theatre Co A little boy, who is three… almost four, loses his Dad. His big sister steps in to look after the family. A funny and sad tale of love, caring, loss, tragedy and obsession. Running time : 60 mins Recommended for ages 12+  WRITTEN BY: Verity-Alicia Mavenawitz DIRECTED BY: Nuala Kelly  

Written by Grace Corry Ronny has never felt worse. In a desperate effort to treat his depression, he turns to the last person he feels he can – his GP. Dr. Marianne Mc Cormack. A pillar of her community for many a year, Dr. Marianne is less than aware of how to approach such problems. Bold and a bit deranged, she sets about a frenzied range of ‘alternative’ treatments and in this single visit, Ronny learns about the power of dance and how the unexpected actions of one dope can help to shed some light into the darkness. An irreverent, thought provoking dark comedy which will make you laugh when you might feel you shouldn’t. But we’re sniggering at depression, not with it. Running time : 55 mins Recommended for ages 14+  WRITTEN + DIRECTED BY: Grace Corry CAST: Teri Fitzgerald & Lorcan Strain DEVELOPED at Smock Allies: Scene + Heard

A country road. A tree. Evening. Vladimir and Estragon wait endlessly for the arrival of Godot, discussing religion, contemplating suicide and crotch rot in a comical wordplay of poetry, dreamscapes and nonsense. A tragicomedy in Two Acts – Beckett’s play pioneered an expressionistic minimalism that captured the existential post World War II Europe and man’s inexhaustible search for meaning. This play remains one of the most beautiful and allegorical of our time. WRITTEN BY: Samuel Beckett DIRECTED BY: Patrick Sutton CAST: Charlie Hughes Donal Courtney Gerard Byrne Rex Ryan “…a hugely satisfying theatrical experience. one of the best productions of this play that I have seen… infused with an infectious energy…” – No More Workhorse “…a delightful, funny, absorbing and measured production..a joy to watch Sutton’s production.. his talented troupe and crew have pulled Beckett’s play into a delightful, absorbing and entertaining, and thoughtful, evening…” – Red Curtain Review “…Seethes with energy, every detail is thoroughly fleshed-out, every drop of bleak portent wrung from each word, phrase, and situation…” – Irish Independent Running time : 120 mins including an interval

Set against the back drop of the Wild West, The Kelly Company follows the story of the Kelly Brothers, James and Philip Kelly, Irish immigrants who head out West in search of fortune but soon find themselves embroiled in an epic tale of violence and betrayal that will put them in the cross hairs of legendary gunslingers, corrupt Pinkerton Detectives, scorned women, wild Natives and even each other. What will they do to survive I hear you ask? Whatever it takes! Running time : 120 mins including an interval Recommended for ages 15+ 

A ripping yarn about a gang of Irish rebels taking on the Chicago underworld Chicago, 1923. After a failed assassination attempt on Eamon de Valera, a rogue Cumann na mBán unit flee across the Atlantic to escape the law. With Prohibition in full swing, they earn their keep by making bootleg poitín and selling it on to the Chicago mob. From Devious Theatre, the Kilkenny company behind the 2016 smash hit The Hellfire Squad, comes the second blood-soaked, blackly-comic installment of the Ripping Yarn Trilogy. Written by: Peter McGann + John Morton Directed by: Sarah Baxter Produced by: Clara Purcell About the company: Devious Theatre were founded in Kilkenny in 2006. We perform different works in different spaces for different audiences using different methods. Our work hops genre but stays rooted in a style of comedy we have honed over the years. We don’t like labels. Thus, our artistic credo is mostly ADHD based and fairly guerrilla. To this end, our goal is to kidnap as many young people away from gigs and cinemas and pubs and drag them to the theatre. We have performed 25 productions to date, become the first theatre artists in residence in Kilkenny Arts Office, […]