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Don’t accept imitations FAITH – THE GEORGE MICHAEL LEGACY features international George Michael tribute artist Wayne Dilks together with his incredible 7 piece band and backing singers.

The Fratellis played their first ever gig on 4 March 2005 in the O’Henry’s bar in Glasgow, and have since made their breakthrough year in 2006. The Fratellis EP was released April 3, 2006, featuring the tracks Creepin’ Up The Backstairs, Stacie Anne and The Gutterati”. Due to its limited availability, copies can now be found reaching more than £30 on eBay. Different sources tell of different origins of the band’s name. Some claim it derives from the 1985 movie The Goonies; however, the band denied this live on air on BBC Radio 2’s Jonathan Ross Show on 9 September 2006. Others tell of the band forming from a four-piece band who would play at weddings. They were nominated for Best Breakthrough Band in the 2007 Brit Awards.