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Jan 02 2019 Wed 20:00 Christy Moore Jan 03 2019 Thu 20:00 Christy Moore Jan 04 2019 Fri 20:30 Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan052019 Sat 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan062019 Sun 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan082019 Tue 20:00Christy Moore Jan092019 Wed 20:00Christy Moore Jan102019 Thu 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan112019 Fri 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan122019 Sat 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan132019 Sun 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan142019 Mon 20:00Christy Moore Jan152019 Tue 20:00Christy Moore Jan172019 Thu 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan182019 Fri 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan192019 Sat 15:00Foil, Arms & Hog – Craicling (All Ages Show) Jan192019 Sat 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan202019 Sun 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan242019 Thu 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan252019 Fri 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse Jan262019 Sat 20:30Legend of Luke Kelly Jan272019 Sun 20:30The High Kings Jan282019 Mon 19:00Hobo Johnson Jan302019 Wed 19:30Welcome To Night Vale Jan312019 Thu 20:30Tommy Tiernan – Paddy Crazy Horse

As if receiving instructions from a strange and distant star, Tommy Tiernan takes to the stage refusing to take anything seriously. The political and the personal are all up for grabs as the only goal of the evening is laughter. Let our struggles be mocked and our cares abandoned. Allow yourself be guided by a language loving and theatrical performer with a half thought out plan, no professional qualifications and a mouth with a mind of its own. Can you trust him? To be silly, yes. To behave, no. Like a bus conductor standing in front of an orchestra with a spoon in one hand and air horn in the other what could possibly go wrong?

Fresh from Edinburgh Fringe, Ireland’s top comedy trio Foil, Arms & Hog return to road with their new show Craicling. With their great chemistry and witty humour, audiences can expect belly laughs right from the start! Foil, Arms & Hog announce seven extra dates to Vicar St with new show Craicling due to popular demand. Former children and regular eaters Foil, Arms & Hog return to Vicar St with their new show. Craicling is a fast-paced sketch show featuring a class on how to hold a baby, a Gregorian chant about life as a monk and the assassination of a classically trained actor. Best known for their YouTube videos (100 million online hits), their live show is what they’re most proud of. Foil, Arms & Hog’s show on March 10th will be suitable for Deaf / Hard of Hearing patrons. A sign language interpreter will be present during this performance.

Come and join Ireland’s leading balladeer, Chris Kavanagh – voice of a warrior, creator and main singer with “The Legend Of Luke Kelly” show which is now in its 15th year and is endorsed by Luke Kelly’s family.  Chris and his amazing  band will perform amazing renditions of the songs of Luke Kelly and The Dubliners, plus many other famous Irish ballads. Chris Kavanagh and his incredible trad band will be joined by some other guests. Raise the roof, raise a glass and sing with us to celebrate all that is great about Irish ballads and music at Vicar Street, Dublin with the Legend of Luke Kelly show.

Alternative hip-hop artist Frank Lopes Jr is probably best known as Hobo Johnson. In November 2017, he released his record, The Rise of Hobo Johnson, which was written during the time where he lived in his car – hence the name Hobo. Along with his bandmates The Lovemakers, the band are set for a UK tour.

Steel Panther are an American comedic glam metal band from Los Angeles, California, mostly known for their profane and humorous lyrics, as well as their exaggerated on-stage personae that parody the stereotypical 1980s “glam metal” lifestyle. Steel Panther have announced a UK tour for February 2019 during which they’ll perform for the first time ever, a massive set of original songs along with their ’80s classic hits.

Irish folk legend Finbar Furey has announced the UK release of his new album and live DVD ‘Don’t Stop This Now’ on Fri March 30t 2018 on BMG UK. The album was originally released in Ireland as ‘Paddy Dear’, and has been repackaged for the UK to include new tracks, and a live concert DVD filmed at Vicar St, Dublin in May 2017, where Finbar performs new songs from the album, as well as the classic hits such as ‘When You Were Sweet Sixteen’, ‘The Lonesome Boatman’ and ‘The Green Fields of France’. Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, storyteller and actor, Finbar is celebrated around the world as one of the great folk icons. Finbar’s playing was recognised by John Peel, when in 1972, he and his brother Eddie were awarded Single of The Year in the UK for the original sound of the pipes and the whistles. At the forefront of musical change, Finbar’s successful career and extensive touring introduced a whole new audience to his music and instruments, and he advocated for changes to allow pipes to become more accessible to young musicians.

Des Bishop is coming home after spending over a year in China. He has some fun stories to tell about that: from working in a restaurant in the North East for a month to trying to find a wife in a Marriage park; plus some great journeys with Leo his co-worker from the Abrakebabra days. But he also can’t wait to tell you about all the things he missed about home: democracy, milk, sarcasm and so much more. Most importantly though, Des just can’t wait to speak English without being censored. Absence makes the heart grow funnier, so come and check out this unique show.

Following an assortment of incredible sold-out Vicar St dates this year, we are delighted to announce the Blindboy Podcast will return to Vicar St in March 2019. Blindboy’s increased notability away from his band Rubberbandits, has allowed for him to explore wider avenues and create perhaps outrageously mind-altering brainchildren which can only be described as courageous, yet bonkers. With a number one selling book under his belt and a podcast that has reached interest not only in Ireland but internationally, the satirist could possibly single-handedly change people’s mind set on mental health and the deafening stigma it surrounds. Outspoken, informed and empathetic, Blindboy engages his audience with an unusual touch of realism. There is a very authentic feeling of “freedom” Mr Boatclub exhumes which allows his listeners and participants to openly speak their mind without judgement and no topic off limits – certainly an air of belonging encircling the space you find yourself in when listening or in company of Blindly. His latest innovative creation, The Blindboy Podcast does not only indoctrinates mental health issues but reaches further into a wide spectrum of current topics, may it be gun laws, feminism, racism or a bit of history. Blindboy has it covered.

Mixing the traditional Irish folk sounds with the (then) emerging sounds of rock’n’roll, Christy Moore emerged in the late 1960s as a shining new voice in Irish music. Since then he has carved out an extremely consistent career, both as a solo artist and with his bands, Planxty and Moving Hearts. Credited as a major influence on artists such as U2, The Pogues and Sinead O’Connor, Christy continues to tour and record and the dynamism of his performances, as demonstrated on his live albums Live in Dublin, At the Point: Live and Live at Vicar Street, is not to be missed. Christy Moore with Declan Sinnott, Donal Lunny and Jim Higgins will perform Vicar_Street on 13th of March 2019. This show will be in memory of Tim Martin and in aid of The Irish Hospice Foundation.  

English singer-songwriter, author and YouTuber Dorothy Miranda “Dodie” Clark has announced a couple of March 2019 dates. Dodie who posts both original songs and cover songs on her main YouTube channel “doddleoddle” and posts vlogs on her side channel “doddlevloggle” has gained a huge following over the years.

Formed in Bristol in 2011, IDLES have released two albums. The rockers’ debut was Brutalism in 2017. Joy As an Act of Resistance came out in August 2018 and is their attempt to be vulnerable and encourage vulnerability. They’ve even stripped back the songs and the lyrics in an attempt to bare flesh and allow each other to breathe and to celebrate differences. IDLES’ new record ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ debuted at no.5 in the UK charts, breaking Rough Trade’s all-time record for most pre-orders and sales in day. It is currently the no.1 best reviewed record of 2018 (average rating of 88 across 25 reviews) at Album Of The Year and in the Top 10 on Metacritic. The band saw not only singles but the album itself A-listed at 6 Music and earned major features, amongst others, with the likes of Q, Mojo, The Guardian and covers with DIY, Loud & Quiet, So Young and NME. They’ve arrived internationally too with only last week NPR Music declaring “I am an IDLES addict. It’s like mainlining an uplifting and unifying assault on nationalism, racism, intolerance, and class inequality.” The band won Best Breakthrough at the Q Awards last […]