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TalkActive - Dance, Talking Circles, and Inclusivity

TalkActive – Dance, Talking Circles, and Inclusivity

Unleash Your Inner Rhythm!

Discover a transformative workshop that harmonises movement, dialogue, and dance, curated to redefine your relationship with the dancing body. Join us for an immersive experience celebrating inclusivity, self-expression, and unity!

What Awaits You: Step into the world of collaborative movement and self-discovery guided by our facilitator, Tatiana Santos. This visionary dance artist and advocate for social justice will lead you through an engaging journey to challenge conventional notions and embrace the authentic dancer within.

Workshop Highlights: Begin with a captivating talking circle that delves into thought-provoking questions:

How do media, culture, and personal connections influence our perception of our bodies?

What prevents us from fully embracing our bodies?

Is dance a skill to acquire or a universal form of expression?

Can everyone connect with their inner dancer, regardless of background or experience?

Following this enriching dialogue, break free from limitations and explore the enchanting world of dance. Guided by the rhythmic beats of Brazilian funk music, you’ll uncover the magic of isolated movements – hips, pelvis, arms, shoulders, and head. These accessible moves invite you to rediscover your body’s language, irrespective of age, shape, or prior experience.

The Language of Inclusion: Elevate your experience further by embracing the beauty of inclusive communication. Discover the dynamic fusion of verbal expression, expressive gestures, and sign language. This pioneering approach ensures that everyone can participate actively, including those with hearing impairments. Immerse yourself in this vibrant blend of dance, speech, and signing, where connections transcend linguistic barriers.

Meet Tatiana Santos: Your guide on this extraordinary journey is Tatiana Santos, a dance artist and cultural mediator. Currently Artist in Residence at the Mother Tongues Festival in Dublin South, Tatiana brings her expertise in conflict transformation and racial justice to the forefront. Her impactful work underscores the potential of dance and storytelling as catalysts for positive change.


Sep 07 2023


6:00 pm




Killarney Street, Dublin 1
Killarney Street, Dublin 1
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